Hello world!

Okay, this is my first blog posting. Well at least on my own personal blog. I’ve been blogging for a while on the CCCPBlogspot.com blog that my husband created for me and my bike club, CCCP, which stands for Community Cycling Club of Portland. It used to be an acronym for Competitive Cycling Club of Portland. However, no one races from our club and we are much more community oriented so there was a movement to change the name, but only a slight name change. The acronym had to stay the same.

So as you might guess, I’m a velophile. I just got into the “sport” in the spring of 2006. And like anything else with me, it was all or nothing. So I started riding, then watching all the races on TV (as much as they were televised), then came all the magazines. (I’m up to 5 subscriptions and I think that’s about all I can handle at this point.)  I guess the next step was blogging about my love and my passion.  Well, biking is my second love. My first is, of course, my husband and my daughter.

I’ll close with welcoming you to my blog! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to keep checking back. I have so much to share. And hopefully you will share a lot with me by posting some comments – they will always be welcome.

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