I have no life!

Okay, when most people say, “I have no life” they say it in a depressing, whiny tone to indicate there is something wrong with them or they need more in their lives. But for me, it’s not that way, but more an exclamation that my life is the bike.

I had plans with a friend and his daughters tonight, as I posted in a previous email. I was really looking forward to it. However, it turned out that their plans and his plans didn’t mesh and making it back to Portland in time for the art walk was going to take a small miracle. So he was very sad to have to cancel our plans. I was sad, too, in a way. But this way I figured it wouldn’t be a late night for me and I’d be able to get to bed early enough to make spin class in the morning.

I was explaining this to my cycling/spin buddy and mentioned that I had no life and that my life basically revolves around spinning and cycling. She completely understands – she has no life either.

I’ve always said cycling is an addiction and it’s so true. Many people who are alcoholics or drug addicts also plan their lives around their next drink or their next fix. For me, my fix is the bike. And if you can imagine, there are some that are more addicted than I am.

I also can’t wait until I receive my next issue of any of the 5 cycling magazines I currently read. And my heart leaps when I discover the latest roadbikerider newsletter in my email inbox on Thursday mornings. Incidentally, roadbikerider will be a source of a lot of information I’ll be posting here. I’ll put up links but the link is only good for the current issue and then it will change the following week. (I know, for all you family members you aren’t going to care one single hoot about this info but that’s who I am and who I’ve become.)

I wonder if there is a support group for addicted cyclists who kick the habit? Though I suppose many have no choice due to an injury and it’s cold turkey for them. So far I only have found a support group for my addiction – my local club! (And my husband, thankfully.)


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