O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

We finally bought our tree today. Unfortunately the place my friend suggested was not a cut-your-own after all like I thought it was. However, there was a very helpful gentleman there who explained how recently some of the trees had been cut and which varieties drop more needles than others. So we bought a more recently cut tree that also doesn’t drop as many needles. It’s some variety of fir as opposed to a balsam. The drawback is that they don’t smell quite as nice. But I’ll take a less-fragrant tree over a messy tree any day!

Now I just need to find the time to decorate the darn thing, in addition to decorating the rest of the house. So much work for just a few weeks. But hey, it’s not the holidays without it. No wonder so many people are stressed this time of year.

Today while we were out we finally met up with my friend and his two lovely daughters. We didn’t have a chance to visit too long but it was nice just to get together.

We also went to a place in Scarborough called The Cheese Iron. It is the most incredible cheese shop we have found in the area. Everyone there is so knowledgeable and helpful. We were lucky enough to be assisted by the owner again who allowed us to sample some cheeses and an incredible chocolate thing that’s basically hazelnut chocolate. It’s so good and will change your life! We also sampled a panforte margherita that was out of this world! Needless to say we bought some cheese (an interesting gouda), the chocolate, the panforte, and a panini for each of us for lunch. If you have not had the pleasure of visiting this shop, I highly recommend it. It’s worth the trip and the cheese, not to mention the service, is worth every penny!

We have two holiday parties to attend tonight. My goal is to not drink very much because I have spin in the morning. But it’s easy for me to overindulge with spirits in a social setting. Here’s hoping I can show a bit of self-control.

It’s funny that we aren’t invited to many holiday parties and these two happen to be on the same night. I suppose it’s good – we can get them out of the way and relax the next couple weeks until we have our own holiday party – the third annual McEwan Yankee Swap. It’s becoming a tradition that has brought lots of laughter to our home and this year should be no exception. The only “exception” being that it will actually take place after Christmas as so many are too busy with other activities. We moved it to accommodate most of the invitees and to ensure a good turnout. A yankee swap is no fun with just my husband and me….

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