Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

I’m giving up on riding the bike for the season. The snow flew too early with a Nor’Easter a couple weeks ago and another one headed our way in a few days. No predictions for totals at this point. I’m hoping for a large prediction with less to actually shovel.

For the first few years we owned our home we didn’t receive snow until mid to late January. But this year is different. Not only have we received snow early but it stuck and brought some cold weather with it. If it snowed and then melted with no snow for another month I could have liked that better. Perhaps even gotten in another ride.
So I’m accepting it and dealing with it. It arrived in time for Christmas so it feels like Christmas. Unlike last year when I was out cycling on Christmas day with my friend in 40-degree weather.

My log is complete for the season and it’s time to reflect on a spectacular year with great weather lending itself to accumulating over 3000 miles and I’m happy with that. I reached my goal. Next year I’ll shoot for more – perhaps 3500 miles on the bike. Let’s hope I can start early in the season next spring. Though with the amount I snow we’ve received so far, it’s setting up to be a very snowy winter here in the Northeast so it might be a late start to the cycling season.

Hmmm, is it time to move south?


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