I’m a woman so I think about food. I’ve heard that when you get a bunch of women together, the conversation always turns to food. (I believe it too as I’ve experienced this on many occasions.) It must be some kind of bond for us. I think of myself as a pretty good cook, too. Not great, but I do okay. Unfortunately, I also like to eat the food I cook. Thus my problem, I can’t seem to lose any weight.

It started 4 years ago when I got married. Now, it’s not my husband’s fault. He’s very supportive of anything I do. But it seemed that as soon as I was married I put on 15 pounds and couldn’t seem to shake it.

I even took up cycling thinking that would give me the exercise I needed to lose these 15 pounds. But then I fell in love with cycling and with that comes this science about what to eat so you don’t bonk on the bike. It’s a vicious cycle. (Pun intended.)

The other problems I have are 1.) I hate to be hungry and 2.) I LOVE chocolate. So I guess this makes me like many others who have a hard time at dieting. I think I could probably, eventually, learn to live without chocolate, but being hungry really sucks.

So the New Year is around the corner and it’s time to think about the standard New Year’s Resolution of weight loss. My friend has decided to start a group within our cycling club to “help” with this. Those of us who decide to do this will kick in $10.00. We’ll have weekly reports on our weight (based on the honor system). The person that loses the largest percentage from January 07 to the end of April wins the pot and gains bragging rights as the Biggest Loser, though I’ve never watched the TV reality show myself.

Now, this is not something I really want to participate in. But hey, nothing else has worked in the past so I might as well give this a shot. What have I got to lose? (Again, pun intended!)

Then I read an article on Lifehacker: 127 Foods That Fight Fat. Sign me up! Definitely food for thought. I’ve always thought of myself as a healthy eater, with the exception of the copious amounts of chocolate I eat, and excluding the months I spent on the Atkins Diet. But I did lose weight on Atkins – 40 pounds worth. However, I’ve tried it again and again since, and I ended up gaining weight. Go figure!

So I’m going to set my goal: lose a minimum of 15 pounds before May 01, 2008. So that’s really only 4 pounds a month, or a pound a week. I should be able to pull that off.

They say that just 5 pounds can significantly increase your climbing ability on your bike by increasing your power to weight ratio. Can you imagine what 15 or 20 pounds could do? Now it’s not ALL about the bike. I know I’ll feel so much better about my appearance, especially in spandex. Okay, perhaps it is all about the bike…..

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