New Bike Items for Consideration

As I was reading my weekly edition of RoadBikeRider I came across a couple neat, and assume new, products today. Some of my friends turned me on to But today I found out about CycliStats that provides downloadable software that is quite thorough in the information you can log. More so than some of the other sites I’ve seen. And it’s compatible with Polar H/R Monitors and since I use one it would be much easier to load data to it instead of manually entering data on multiple sites.

I’ll probably sign up for the free trial in the spring and if I like it I’ll spend the $49.95 for the software.

The other cool item I found today is called The Sky Mounti Inclinometer. It’s a lightweight gauge that mounts on your handle bars and it fits to the handlebars very easily and works like a carpenter’s level.

Now while this items is lightweight, inexpensive and I feel the desire to own one, I think to myself how much would I really use it?

My issue is that on the steepest climbs where I want to know the gradient I’m too busy suffering up the darn hill to look down at my handle bars to check my heart rate monitor on bike computer, let alone trying to sneak a peak at the level to determine the grade. I suppose it would be good for those seated climbs like Streaked Mountain, Pinkham’s Notch and Evan’s Notch, but for the short, really steep climbs I probably wouldn’t look at it.

However, don’t let me deter you from purchasing one. I can see how it would be a fun little thing to have mounted on the bike. Not to mention all the inquiries you’d receive from having one. And if you do purchase one, please let me know so I’ll be able to ask you what the grade was on that last climb, once I’m done catching my breath….


2 responses to “New Bike Items for Consideration

  1. Great post–I liked the link to CycliStats. I’ll have to check that out. There’s always a new gadget for the bike to get 🙂 How much snow do you have there? Looks like I’ll be confined to the trainer FOREVER…..

  2. We have more snow than I care to think about! I think we are pushing 20-inches so far and that’s far more than we normally have this time of year.

    I do spin in the off season but it’s nice to be able to go for the occasional weekend ride this time of year. Unfortunately the snow pushed us inside permanently much earlier than normal, making the off season feel much longer.

    Why couldn’t we have a winter like last year – not much snow and arrived in late January. I remember riding my bike last year on Christmas day, which was an abnormally warm day. It was terrific. Ahhhh, memories….

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