Crazy Cyclists

Okay, either they are crazy or I’m not hard core enough. Either way is fine with me. Let me explain…

I received my first comment by someone who found my blog who wasn’t a friend or relative that I didn’t actually send the link to. (A great feeling!) So I wanted to check out her blog. In the process of me reading it I realized that she’s still commuting a bit by bike. Now, this is not a woman that lives in San Francisco, or Florida, she lives also here in the very snowy northeast.

Then on my ride to work, in my warm, comfy car, I saw a fellow cyclist out commuting to work, or at least I assume to work. And my husband told me tonight about a guy at the office who commutes by bike, and for the holiday season it’s decked out with Christmas lights. (I need a picture!)

Now, in my defense I don’t have a mountain bike like these commuters. If I did, I’m not sure I’d be out riding. The roads around here are still very slippery with lots of snow and ice under the snow.

I applaud those of you that are still riding on the road. You are much better cyclists than I am. I’ll trudge off for my Saturday morning spin tomorrow at 7:15. But I’d much rather be out riding on the road.


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