An Apology is Due

I owe an apology to a friend of mine that showed up late to spin class today. I had given out the time of Sunday spin a while back as 9:45. Unfortunately he recorded this in his calendar. But then I found out that spin was actually 9:15. (I found out by missing class because I, too, showed up too late.) So we were 2/3 of the way through class when he showed up, rushed in and got on the bike. Poor guy. I really do feel bad. So sorry!!

It’s warm here in the northeast. In fact it’s predicted to be warm for the most part all week. When I say warm, I mean above freezing. It was great to leave for the gym early this morning and not be so incredibly cold. I suppose it feels so warm because we’ve had such cold weather lately. My husband and I took advantage of the warm day to get outside to clear the driveway throughly and to chip out the ice that formed in a depression at the end. This warm weather will also help to melt the snow from the roof and clear out the ice jams. They are absolutely amazing and are on every home/building I’ve seen.

Unfortunately this mild weather is making me yearn for the bike. I was outside after spin talking to my friend and we commented that it was warm enough to ride. However, the roads are really still very snow covered. Still, it was so very tempting. If the warm weather keeps up so that the roads become a bit clear then I might chance it. I don’t have “snow tires” but my now beater bike (my “old” bike) has more tread than my newer bike (I run racing slicks on the new bike) so that should do the trick. My only fear with riding is falling from a patch of black ice and breaking the collar bone. I know others who have done that and it’s not fun.

It also didn’t help that I read on Velo News today that the teams are starting up with their training camps. I read that Silence-Lotto is in Spain and after the new year they will be training in Portugal. Ahhh, to be a cyclist in a warm, beautiful country, training for the upcoming season. Though I’m sure it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.

So I had posted previously that I really can’t remember this much snow so early on in the year. Seems my mother confirmed this by saying she doesn’t remember such a snowy Christmas since my sister and I were little. I guess it wasn’t just my imagination.


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