Bob Marley

No, not the reggae singer, the other one, the comedian!

For the past several years, Bob Marley has performed in his hometown of Portland, Maine over the holidays. He’s a local celebrity and many of us Mainers have come to love his comedy. He has a knack of making fun of people from Maine with use of a thick Maine accent. Even if you are from a town that he pokes fun of, you can’t help but laugh.

My husband and I saw Bob Marley on a local TV program and I said one of these days we are going to go see him. So my husband bought tickets to the early Sunday night performance. And Bo didn’bappoint. He gave a 90-minute performance that brought tears to all our eyes.

We actually spoke with someone over Christmas that hadn’t really heard any of his material and he had found him to be quite funny. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him before, I highly recommend listening to his stuff sometime. He’s made several CD’s but if you can see him live, it’s worth it for the added facial expressions. You can see some clips of him by clicking on this link.

Happy New Year!


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