Yet More Snow…

Geez, seems like snow is becoming a regular posting theme here.

Another storm is bearing down on us once again here in Maine. We just finished cleaning up from 8-inches yesterday and now we are expecting another 6-12 inches. I’m hoping that we’ll be more on the 6-inch side. We seem to be on the low end of the predictions on a regular basis with the exception of yesterday’s storm.

Is it weird to think that 6-inches feels like a dusting? Hopefully it will continue. I hate shoveling and cleaning up 12+ inches.

They are predicting a warm-up for the weekend with now snow in sight. That will be refreshing. I just want a week long  stretch of sunshine and temps above 32-degrees.

Have you noticed that the sun seems to be setting later? I know it is, technically. I usually don’t notice the increase in daylight until the end of January or so, but I think I notice a difference now. And so it begins – the increase in daylight and spring will be here soon.


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