I’m Motivated

This new scale seems to be doing the trick. I’ve lost 1 1/2 pounds in two days and my BMI and fat percentage has also dropped slightly. I’m more motivated in my weight loss than I’ve ever been since before the wedding 4 1/2 years ago. Yippee! My friend also hopes it helps to motivate her. (She bought the same one when I bought mine.)

The official weigh in is tomorrow and that’s when the contest official starts. I don’t mind getting a jump on it. In fact I’m just getting a little practice and breaking my bad habits, mainly of reaching for chocolate.

My company holiday party is tonight. This will definitely be a challenge. I’m sure I’ll only have a couple glasses of wine, and I’m drinking wine and not my beloved martinis, assuming wine has less calories. (I’ll have to research that one.) Dessert will also be included in the meal so I’m going to try to skip that one. Will power, don’t fail me now!


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