OMG, does no one use blinkers any more?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’m sitting at an intersection waiting for the car to pass only to realize that they have decided to turn, which meant I could have gone had they signaled their turn.

The worst, however, is following behind a vehicle and they slow to a crawl, or a dead stop. You never really know what they are doing, which only boils my blood in frustration, and then they decide to turn one way or the other. Geez! If they had only put on their blinker I would have known if I could proceed around them or not.

Some people are just oblivious and have formed bad habits over the course of their driving lifetimes. Just because they know what they are doing and where they are going doesn’t mean the rest of us do and using a blinker would be greatly appreciated! I’m not even sure if it’s a law but it’s just plan common sense, not to mention courteous!


4 responses to “Blinkers

  1. Is this when driving or riding? Did you get outside to ride in this brief, albeit wonderful warm up?

    I avoid crowded streets at all caost. Give me an abandoned backroad anyday–it’s prettier and less driving impaired folks chatting away on their cell phones…..

  2. The blinker issue I have with cars. It’s so annoying.

    As for “the road less traveled” on a bike, I do like that. However I also love riding through lots of traffic. Not Boston traffic, mind you, but Portland traffic, which is much more tame. I find it’s very exhilarating. Many of my friends hate it.

  3. I was in Portland last summer, and count me among the friends who hate the traffic :)!! My family has a summer place an hour from Portland in western NH, and sometimes I ride in Parsonsfield, ME. Ever hear of it?

  4. I have indeed heard of Parsonsfield and driven through there many times as my ex’s family had a home on Lake Winnepesaukee (sp?) and that was en-route. If you ever get up this way again, particularly on a weekend and want a bike tour of the Portland area, let me know! Don’t worry, I’ll keep it rural!!

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