Dust Collecting Exercise Equipment

Ahhh yes, many of us have dust collecting exercise equipment someplace in our home. Some turn them into clothes hangers. Others turn them into some other sort of storage items. The equipment type varies from home to home, though I’d bet treadmills and stationary bikes are the most popular, the latter might actually have the most amount of dust.

For me, my dust collector is an elliptical trainer that I insisted we buy soon after we purchase our home almost 4 years ago when we left the apartment building that offered a fitness room. I used to use it quite a bit, but not faithfully or consistently.

Then I became hooked on biking. Ever since I bought my first bike, I haven’t even given my elliptical a second thought. I was on the bike, which I loved. Then my friend suggested we sign up at a local gym for spin classes to keep in shape in the off season. So I agreed – it’s all about the bike!

My husband has said on occasion that we should just sell the elliptical, also saying we’d never get what we paid for it. Isn’t that always the way. But I never gave in. Now I’m glad I didn’t.

As I was driving home from work in the pouring rain, my desire to go to the gym for yoga and a run on the treadmill was waining. So I thought about the elliptical and thought, “Yeah, that’s it. I’ll work out on the elliptical and give that another go.”

I did drag around a bit, probably putting it off. But I finally got there. I had forgotten there were three levels of programs to choose from. Each one also has a 20-minute program and a 30-minute program. I’ve always chosen the middle levels in the past, which only go to level 7 within the workout, which was always so torturous. So I figured I’m much more physically and aerobically fit than the last time I stepped on the elliptical so I figured I’d go for the most difficult program the unit had to offer.

When I started off I didn’t think I was even going to get my heart rate up. But eventually I did. I liked the workout a lot. I compared it a lot to many spin classes I’ve done. My heart rate was up there but at a manageable level. I worked the legs hard, both forward and a bit to the reverse. It felt good to sweat. Luckily my husband came along so I could convince him to set up a fan for me, which allowed me to continue. Unfortunately since it was only a 30-minute program I had to do it twice, but that’s okay. Next time I’ll track my performance between the two sets.

I’ll definitely be back for more on the elliptical.  After all, it’s convenient and always available. The dust is gone and I’m going to use it in between my other workouts. You might even dust off the equipment in your home and give it another try.


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