Happy New Year to ME!

Ahhh, finally, an actual bike ride!

It was nice to take advantage of the recent January thaw here in the North East to go for a real bike ride. It’s hard to be at work knowing that it was 40-50 degrees, sunny, and you are not able to go for a ride. I had made up my mind that as long as no snow storms hit our are this week, and it was warm enough to melt the roads, I’d be out on them with my bike.

I had a couple club members join me for a 34+ mile ride from Portland to Freeport. It was a bit cloudy when we started off but it didn’t take long for the sun to work its way through. By the time we arrived in Freeport I felt I was way too over dressed. (I had on three layers and probably could have gotten way with two.) But on the way home I was happy for the extra layer. The stop at Starbucks allowed me too cool off a bit to the point where I was cold when we left for the return home, not to mention the head wind all the way back kept us a bit cooler as well.

It was strange to be on the bike at first. I’ve been on a spin bike only for the past two months, which really feels so different. My bike seemed so twitchy. It was my “beater bike”, which is still a really nice bike. Since I haven’t ridden it since August when I got my new bike, I thought perhaps there might be something wrong with it. It just felt really wobbly.

But it was actually me that was wobbly. Whether is was the odd feeling of the bike, or the apprehension of the conditions of the roads, I can’t be quite sure. Perhaps a bit of both.

It took me about 2+ miles to really get my bike balance back. After that I was fine and actually rode better than I have in a long time regarding my balance. I even rode with my hands more on the tops of the handle bars with great comfort. (Normally I’m on the hoods or the curves for stability.) I might attribute this better balance to the yoga classes I’ve been taking. Perhaps it will only get better as my strength improves and my weight decreases.

So Happy New Year to me! The first ride of 2008. It keeps me charged so I can get through the rest of the winter. I’ll be back on the bike permanently before I know it….. I hope!


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