One Week In



A week into the weight loss contest and I’ve lost 3 pounds. Not bad for the first week.



I was a bit concerned at first because I seemed to be gaining weight in the beginning few days. How frustrating. But I’m on track now.



It was especially nice to go to spin class today and have the instructor ask if I’ve lost weight. She said it’s a bit noticeable around my waistline. Yippee!!



As my friend pointed out, it’s always easier to lose weight in the beginning. It’s the last few pounds that appear to be the hardest to lose. So I’m going to promise myself not to become frustrated as the months wear on.



Luckily I have not experienced a lack in energy level because of the decrease in calorie consumption, as my friend experienced Saturday morning. That can always be an issue when you are working out so much. Many of you athletes in training can relate. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle: you need to have the calories to sustain your energy level for your training efforts but in order to lose weight you need to decrease the calories and increase your expenditure. This has been my problem over the last two years – I’ve eaten so I can ride well on the bike so my weight hasn’t gone down. It’s time to get it off, which will make me more productive on the bike.



I suppose if there is any time to focus on weight loss it’s during the off-season. It’s definitely easier for me this time of year. We don’t seem to socialize as much, which is where the bad eating tends to happen. In the summer it’s always barbeques and hanging out in the warmth of the evening with friends, some snacks, and wine.


So it’s one week in and 16 more to go; 3 pounds down and 17 more to lose. Doable? Definitely!

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