2008: 5 Century Goal

I wrote 5 goals for the upcoming season on my sweat365 blog. The most important is to lose weight. The second one that I’m really going to try to achieve is 5 centuries this season. I think it’s achievable. Last year I completed 2 centuries, a couple metric centuries (approximately 60 miles), a few half centuries, in addition to an 85 mile ride in the White Mountains. Since that was somewhat challenging with the climbs, and early on in the season, I could count that as a century.

I think back to the Memorial Day ride in the White Mountains with the club. I remember thinking towards the end of it, “How many more miles to go?” I was really toasted by the end.

Later in September we rode another hilly century and towards the end rode over the same route as the Memorial Day ride. I handled that ride so much better because it was later in the season and my fitness had improved. I’m confident that this Memorial Day ride I’ll ride much better, with less fatigue and more stamina.

So, weather permitting, I’m planning on the Lobster Ride & Roll (Rockland, Maine) in July, the Mad River Century (Waitsfield, Vermont) in August, and the Loon Echo (Bridgton, Maine) in September. I’ll work in a couple other centuries throughout the summer as well, either on my own or with a couple friends.

It’s good to have goals!


2 responses to “2008: 5 Century Goal

  1. having goals is great i look forward to readin about you ocmpleteing them

  2. I heard that Lobster Ride & Roll was a really good ride. Have fun!

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