Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends

I was feeling pretty crappy today, not just physically but my mood as well. But I forced myself to go to spin class. When I showed up, Spencer said he was in a pretty crappy mood too. Then Tracey chimed in with the account of her crappy mood. So we were all curmudgeons tonight, but among friends.

It’s funny that they both thought about going to the other gym but decided to go to this one for the company of friends to brighten their day. Little did they know that we were all grumpy. So we just spent the time commiserating together.

I must say, this has truly been the best off season I’ve had, but only my second one really. Last year was great. It was my first year knowing Tracey and we found we got along so well. This year we’ve added Spencer and Patrick into the mix, which has kept the spin classes a bit lively from time to time, much to the chagrin of some of the other cyclists. This only reinforces the fact that I definitely found the best cycling club to join – the members are so great and some of us are becoming quite good friends.

Not only have we had some great camaraderie with between us, but the instructors have been great. One instructor we cycled with a bit last year, which has given us a bit more credibility in his classes. I don’t think he thought we were “serious” cyclists last year. Then there are the two female instructors that are also cyclists. We are working on them to join us for some rides this year. After all we do have the friendliest club around! Then there is the yoga instructor that also fills in during some of the spin classes. She’s come to know us in her yoga classes and we keep it a bit lively with lots of banter and laughter.

So all the training has actually been quite fun this year. It doesn’t seem like such a chore to go to the gym, especially when you know you are going to be greeted by great friends and instructors who might turn into great friends.

One response to “Getting by with a Little Help from My Friends

  1. Pretty amazing how chuckling at ourselves for how grumpy we have been, turned things around! It always seems like our gang is good for a few laughs and I know that is why I decided to show up there tonight. It is really great that we are gaining so many friends. Cycling really has some great people in it! And the group keeps growing. Thanks for the laughs!

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