The Never-Ending Funk

I’m in a major slump. I don’t seem to have much energy or interest in anything but sleep and lounging these days. I feel like I’m fighting something but it never seems to come to fruition. I’d much prefer that – be sick and get it over with so I can move on to back to normal. I’ve either skipped spin classes lately or done a recovery workout. Not only do I not have the energy for it but I don’t have the enthusiasm for it either.

I really hope this all passes and soon. I really hate this feeling. It’s hard for someone like me that can’t seem to sit still most days to feel like they can’t seem to get going every day. Every day I get out of bed and think this is the day it’s going to turn around and I’m going to be back to myself, and every day I seem to go downhill. I suppose I’m just trying to rush it and that’s the source of the frustration.

To add to my mood, it’s going to snow again! OMG! How much snow can one person take. I mean, seriously???


One response to “The Never-Ending Funk

  1. I JUST blogged about this too! Haven’t been on the trainer since last Tuesday and I really have no desire. It’s this winter–too long! We need some warmer weather to get the mojo back!

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