Now THAT was great!

After a week of recovery spin classes and a week off from the gym I finally had a great workout. Taking the time off was really what I needed. I woke up before the alarm this morning and was excited about going to the gym.

I was leary about the way my workout with go but I kept the faith and turned out to be a very good effort. I had the energy and enthusiasm to push hard and even hit an anaerobic threshold level. I feel I’m back on track and will focus on my recovery periods more in the future.

On another cycling note, the Tour of California starts tomorrow. I’ll be glued to the TV coverage tomorrow and then follow the race on line during the day. I prefer to do it that way than to just watch the hour coverage Versus will give it.

So with the Tour of California the race season is underway. Now I know it’s already started but I don’t think the Tour of Qatar counts. After the ToCA the classics will be starting up. Again, I’ll be following them on line.

Then it’s the Tour de Georgia. We are working on plans to go see some of the stages. My husband has a friend in Atlanta that we’ll stay with, making it a very enjoyable time. The two stages I really want to see is Stage 4, the TTT at the Road Atlanta, and Stage 7, the circuit race in Atlanta. If we can swing Stage 6, the Brasstown Bald finish then we’ll do that one too.


One response to “Now THAT was great!

  1. Dana,
    I’m sooooooo jealous your going to the Tour de Georgia! How fantastic! PLEASE take you camera and post photos! That would be great!
    Have a blast,

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