No Cheating in Spin Class Today

Yesterday was my first day back on the spin bike at a decent effort after some time off and some recovery rides. It felt great and wasn’t sure how it was going to affect my long spin class today.

Last week I skipped the 90-minute spin class and was looking forward to today’s. It was going to be a simulation of a group ride that takes place on Tuesday nights. It was good because I knew some of the route so when I was told to simulate a particular climb I could make it as hard as it normally feels to me.

The worst part, or perhaps the best, was that the spin instructor (and fellow rider), instead of teaching from the front of the class, set up his bike right next to me. Well, that gave me incentive to push a little harder than I might have, and to keep my cadence up.

My average heart rate for the duration was 148. With my heart rate at such elevated levels it felt more in line to what I have during a normal ride.

Luckily tomorrow is a holiday so there are no classes at the gym. It will force me to take the day off and focus on a bit of recovery.  I will miss my yoga class! Bummer!

The one drawback to this simulation ride is that it makes me long to actually ride it outside. Soon, very soon!


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