It’s Coming: 5 Indications that Spring is Around the Corner

There are many signs that spring is making it’s way to our frozen part of the world.

For starters, I’m hearing song birds in the trees, even on these chilly mornings. And we’ve seen a plethora of robins in our neighborhood lately. Funny that they don’t seem to be hitting the feeder but they are foraging for food in bare patches of ground.

Second: it just feels warmer. The thermometer might read 20 degrees but it doesn’t feel like the normal 20 degrees. Why is that? In the fall at 40-50 degrees we are bundling up. In the spring when it’s the same temperature we are shedding clothes like mad. It is because we have just acclimated to the cold for so long that anything else feels balmy? Or perhaps it’s the angle of the sun to make it feel warmer. Either way, if feels good!

Third: the snow storms don’t seem to be sticking around long and they are a bit wet in nature. We received 3-4 inches of snow Friday and by Saturday afternoon it was pretty much all gone due to the bright sunshine.

Forth: we set the clocks ahead in two weeks.

Five: Portland Velo Club is starting up with their Saturday morning rides next weekend. Geez! Even without all the other aforementioned signs of spring, this one is the best sign of spring. No, I won’t be participating in those rides. They are some serious training rides. However, if everyone has lost a bit of their form from the previous year it might be a good time for me to go just to see if I could hang on. Wishful thinking!

But I’ll be out there soon, very soon.

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