Feeling “Normal” Again

I almost didn’t make it to spin class this morning. I set my alarm but didn’t turn it on. Luckily my internal alarm clock was working and I woke up only 10 minutes later than I would if my alarm had gone off and still in time to make it to 5am spin.

We did intervals this morning. I joked after class with the instructor that had I known we were doing intervals I would have stayed in bed. But then I admitted how much I love them, which I do. It’s just right amount of intensity.

Since my husband reminded me this morning that he was working late I thought I’d go back to the gym for the afternoon spin class. An instructor that I don’t care as much for was filling in for the normal gal. I set up next to some friends I don’t normally sit next to so we chatted before class. This might be the reason why I got all fired up.

The next thing I know we are warming up and my h/r is around 140. Yowza! Hey, I was feeling the love so I rode the wave…. My average h/r was 160 for the class, that’s just 2 blimps below my maximum. I was crankin’! It felt so good to work that hard and to sweat that much.

I’m not sure if I’m just feeling like my normal self today, or if perhaps a bit of recovery time has done some good. And I’m forcing myself to take more recovery rides after a hard workout, even if I don’t feel like I want to. Though tonight was an exception. I was riding high. So I’ll take a couple days off, do some yoga Friday night and perhaps take an easy class Saturday morning before the high intensity class Sunday morning.


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