Under the Weather

This week has just been a crummy one when it comes to exercise and energy levels.

After not going to spin Saturday I ended up leaving Sunday’s spin class half way through. I started off thinking I was going to spin well but then realized if I kept going then I’d end up working out in zone three the entire class. So I dialed it back and realized after 45 minutes that I should just go home.

I blew off class Monday night because I wasn’t feeling myself. Not only was I feeling worn down but I was terribly cranky. So I went home and hung out on the sofa with hubby and the cats.

I went to bed pretty early last night and got up early for 5am spin this morning. The normal instructor was out sick so my other favorite instructor was teaching. She chose intervals. I love intervals so I gave it my all. My lungs felt like they were going to explode a couple times. But I did better than I thought I would, given the fact that I’ve been fighting a bug this week.

As the day wore on I wasn’t feeling so good. But I sucked it up and got through the day. The ibuprofen also helped with the sore throat and ears. It would be so much better if I’d just get sick or get over this, whatever “this” is. Even if I got sick, at least I’d know there was an end. Feeling like I have a low-grade illness that drags on and on is very annoying.

Another guy and I had planned to ride tomorrow after work but we’ve decide to bag it, mostly due to the weather. I probably could have gone but given how I’m feeling, it’s better to lay low and try to recover.

The weekend looks agreeable, at least on Saturday, and I might have convinced my husband to join me for a nice easy ride. If not I might go out on my own, just to be out on the bike. Sunday will be crappy but I have spin class to attend. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be feeling like myself by then.


One response to “Under the Weather

  1. Hey Dana,
    Everyone seems to be fighting off some bug right now. I attribute it to the change of seasons. The good news is spring is here, and after this little hiccup everyone seems to be going through (me too), we’ll all be out on our bikes in full force! –Karen

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