Ahhhh, I’m Back in the Saddle Again

Okay, a cheesy title but I couldn’t resist.

Tonight was the first group Monday night ride for the club. This makes it official – we are back out on the road.  It took me a little bit to shake the awkward feeling of the bike. You know the one – the twitchy feeling of the bike underneath you to the extent you think there might be something wrong with your bike. But in the end it’s just you, not used to the feeling. I finally found that old feeling again, and it didn’t take me as long as I thought it was going to.

I took the Scattante out for the ride. I couldn’t bear to bring out the Ibex. It’s still too new, even though I would have preferred the gearing of my compact. Even so, I did okay, by my standards at least.

We decided to keep the ride shorter than normal, which was fine by me. We also decided to go easy. Well at least one guy said that. I should know not to trust him!! I’m just jesting. The pace picked up a bit higher than I expected, at least for an easy ride. I think we all were just a bit thrilled to be back in the saddle again, especially after such a long, snowy winter.

Eight of us started out, we picked up one rider, dropped another (she chose another route) to end up with eight to finish. We only had one flat, which is a bit amazing considering the condition of the roads. Though I think some of the wild wind we had over the past weekend might have helped to blow the roads clear a bit.

It was 36 degrees when we returned. The best part after a ride in the chilly air is a hot shower. The worst part is knowing you have to get out. I suppose a bath might be better so you could soak in the hot water but I prefer showers. Though the trend seems to be ice baths after a hard workout. Then again, we took it easy, didn’t we…..

To think I almost didn’t go on the ride. I could have made up some excuses but I went. Boy, I’m so glad I did! (Sorry, no pictures of the attendees before the start. My camera was dead. Major bummer!)

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