The Perfect Day to Commute

I needed to be into the office early today. So I wanted to depart, by bike, as early as possible in the morning. I checked the almanac and the sun wasn’t scheduled to rise until 6:18. At 5:45 it was too dark to leave. By 6am it looked much better. So I was underway at 6:10.

I ended up hitting the Falmouth Bridge just when the sun was rising. I pedaled until I could see where the sun was going to make its appearance and stopped. I pulled out my camera and snapped a few photos.

Sunrise over Casco Bay-04-03-2008

I love the solitude and peacefulness of biking in the early morning. There’s just something mentally relaxing about it.

On my way home I was fortunate enough to catch the Thursday night ride group. There had to have been over 20 riders on the ride tonight. And it was a spectacular night for it! I’m sure they thought I was a crazy commuter taking pictures of the group but hey, I saw a blog posting in the making.


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