SMCC Crit #1

SMCC has started their criterium series today. It’s the first of 6 Sunday crits at the industrial park in Scarborough – 20 laps on a 7/8 mile course.

I was surprised when my husband said he’d be interested in going. Not too surprised, however. He does like watching bike races and it was a good chance for us to see an ex-coworker of his who races.

There were a lot of riders. I’m not sure how many I really expected but there had to have been 30 – 40 riders at the start.

A GroupStart2

There was also one woman in this A-group of riders. I think her name was Stephanie and I’ve seen her on a Monday night ride I participated in, and she was on the Thursday night ride. (She is the second rider from the left in the photo from the Thursday night ride in “The Perfect Day to Commute” Posting.) She stayed with the men all the way. I’m impressed!!

It was a cool, cloudy day. We chose to sit in the car and take pictures through an open window when they rolled by.

A Group lap1 (4)

The guy in the front of the above picture in the red/white/black is Chris, the ex-coworker mentioned above. He finished an impressive 7th. Congrats!! Click HERE for all the results.


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