My First ThNR

ThNR = Thursday Night Ride.

I figured it would be a fast ride by looking at the caliber of riders who were there when I arrived. I was surprised to see a fair number of women in the mix. Two I’ve ridden with either on this ride or other rides and some I’d never seen before. Nevertheless, it was nice to see more women in the mix.

I held on pretty well given the wind. Part of riding with faster people is seeing how long you can keep up. Eventually I get dropped. It’s just a matter of time. I saw a couple gaps opening and thought I’d get dropped then but I was able to either claw back or received a little help from others to close the gap.

Finally, the gap was too much into the wind and I lost contact. I worked with another woman but we were never able to get back. So we waited at the stop for another woman and headed back home. We decided to double back in the event that we might see someone else from the group.

I was happy with my first ThNR. Hopefully it continues to get better. My legs felt good, my LT seems to also have improved since I was able to put in a high heart rate effort without too much of a problem. Being properly recovered definitely helped. I think that’s why a couple of the other women were struggling and not “on form” tonight. The mentioned they had been riding a lot this week. Ahhh, the importance of recovery!

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