Too Busy to Ride

I had every intention of riding today and just didn’t get out there. My friend suggested spin for convenience sake and I liked the idea. I participated in class but at a low level of physical exertion. My head’s just not thinking about pedaling this weekend. However, a few of my club mates managed to put on some significant mileage this weekend, two of them riding 60 miles each.

Gearing up for our trip to Atlanta requires us to get out the bags and start thinking of what needs to be packed. When considering what we’d need I realized that the items are still in storage in the basement. You see, it’s still cold here in the North East so shorts and t-shirts haven’t even been thought about yet this season. However, they will be needed for our trip to Altanta in less than two weeks. So I spent yesterday swapping out the wardrobe from winter items to spring/summer items.

I did manage to follow Paris-Roubaix on line today. What an outstanding race with a very positive outcome. I somewhat expected Fabian to eke out the win from Mr. Boonen but I am not disappointed with the outcome whatsoever. Tornado Tom is quickly becoming one of my favorite racers due to his genuineness and his entertaining interviews. My husband likens some of his interview responses with those of Andy Roddick, another one of our favorite athletes.

I also did a little catching up on some blogs. Fat Cyclist is always good for some laughs, much to the chagrin of my husband when I was reading his posting regarding folded arms throughout the Astana Team while I we were catching up on our TV recordings from the week. If you haven’t read any of his postings I recommend you do so at some point.

So it’s now on to the work week, which means a couple group ride efforts mixed in with some commutes to work. The commuting should become a bit more consistent, especially now that the group rides leave a little later in the evening to allow me to commute from work via bike and still make the group ride on time.


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