Why is it?

Why is it that it doesn’t feel so cold these days even though the temperature is only a few degrees warmer than it was a week or two ago when I leave the house for my morning commute? Perhaps it’s because the snow pack is gone? Or the sun is higher? At any rate, I don’t have to wear as many layers, or as thick layers, as I did a week ago. And I’m not complaining.

Why is it that there seems to be many more men who commute by bike than women? Cyclelicious explores that point on his blog with yesterday’s posting.

I’m one of the lucky ones – my daughter has her driver’s license and it pretty much self-sufficient and we live close enough so that my husband can walk to work and I can bike to work. There are days when I do have to take the car because I need to run an errand. On those days I’ll try to be as efficient as possible and get as much done with the time I have with the car. The way I look at it, the more money I can keep in my pocket with ever day I commute by bike.

Regardless if the answers to the above questions, I will continue to commute by bike. It’s healthy, it saves me money, and I enjoy the time on the bike.


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