A Strong Showing

We had a pretty strong showing for the B-group ride tonight – 13 riders. I thought it might be good to have the B-ride leave at 5:30 to allow more riders to be able to join us. The A-group’s 5pm start can be a bit tough for some of us working class to make.

The comments were positive and I hope this is the first of many larger B-group rides. Next week we’ll leave with the A-group, which will move to 5:30 staring next week. I won’t be able to make that one as I’ll be in Atlanta. Yippee!! Though I will truly miss my Thursday night ride.

I had to smile during the ride when one of the riders, now a friend, pointed out that last year I didn’t consider even riding with the Thursday Night Ride because they were too fast, and I was too slow. But I started riding it late in the year last year and got hooked on the pace. Now here I am showing up every Thursday night I can muster.

I can’t keep up with the faster riders forever, but the longer I can keep up the better. It’s always fun to see how long I can hang. I can usually count on getting dropped at a certain location and I don’t ever see that changing, but I’m going to try to hang on longer and longer.

6 days and counting….


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