The Day after Tomorrow

No, the world not going to end as in the movie by the same title. No, I mean the day after tomorrow we leave for Atlanta. I skipped the Monday Night Ride because I didn’t want tomorrow night to be very stressful. There was still stuff to do tonight in preparation of our departure. However, I was at the shop when the large number of riders rolled out and I longed to go with them.


I’ll be back in the group rides soon enough. But let’s turn our attention to the TdG.

Today was not an exciting stage but the outcome was joyous. We are tickled pink for Dominguez for his win today.

I would be following the Tour regardless of our upcoming travel plans. However, knowing that we are going to be there we need to make sure we know what has happened with the race thus far before we arrive. The hardest part will be traveling on Wednesday and not able to follow the race the way we’d like.

The biggest reason for going to Atlanta and timing it the way we did is to see the Road Atlanta stage on Thursday. The Tour de Georgia website has videos to view and this is a good one of what we can expect Thursday when Jittery Joe’s was able to run a practice session on the course.

Then there is the Brasstown Bald Stage on Saturday. I’ve heard so much about it and since we were going to “be in the area” then it made sense to make this stage if possible. Luckily we made arrangements to stay on the mountain in cabins the night before. This is video from last year’s stage up the mountain.

In three days, we’ll be amongst the festivities.


One response to “The Day after Tomorrow

  1. Dana, I’m so jealous. have a blast and I’ll be reading your blog!

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