Atlanta Arrival

Whew! I finally have a moment to blog what a day! I’m exhausted!

Our day started at 3am, when I woke just before the alarm was set to go off. 5 ½ hours of sleep would have to be adequate to get me through the day.

The transportation van arrived at the house 10 minutes early, at 4:20am so we departed soon after it arrived. We were in the air a bit before 7am and we arrived in Atlanta earlier than expected after a connection through Baltimore.

The only snafu we encountered was when the airline could not locate the lobster we checked as baggage to bring to our hosts for dinner. Eventually they found it but it meant we had to turn around after leaving the airport to go back for it. But that’s better than the alternative – no lobster and figuring out what we were going to do for dinner.

Lobster Dinner

Lunch consisted of some southern BBQ food in this great little hole-in-the-wall in Atlanta called Harold’s. It’s a local favorite and the food was inexpensive and delicious. I had beef, coleslaw and Brunswick stew. The stew was excellent! I’ve heard they make that best and I’d never had it before. Now that I have had the best it’s going to be tough if I ever order it again. Luckily this one was not made with ocra, as some are.


We stopped off at Trader Joe’s for some staples and then landed at Joel’s a bit before 3pm, 12 hours after we woke. Needless to say it’s been a long day.

The weather here is spectacular. They are about 2 months ahead of us in the blooming of flowers and the temperatures. Even though the weather is starting to turn nice in Maine it’s nothing like this. It’s really lovely to feel the warmth of 80-degrees and see fully-leafed out trees, with azaleas and wisteria ablaze with color. I even walked on grass with bare feet – what a treat!! I’m not sure I’m going to want to return to the bare trees and cooler temps in Maine on Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day. The Road Atlanta Team Time Trial stage starts at 1pm and we’ll be there late morning. Then it’s off to a Braves’ Game in the evening. The Braves was the team my husband grew up watching and he hasn’t been to a game in forever. His friend got us great tickets for essentially behind home plate. We surprised him by telling him tonight and he couldn’t believe it. It will be an excellent, albeit long and tiresome day.

I hope to have time to blog tomorrow but it might be a stretch. I’ll do my best! For now, it’s time for some much needed sleep.


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