The Official Roadie

If you haven’t heard about the book Roadie, written by Jamie Smith, I highly recommend you pick up a copy at your local book store or order one on line through Jamie’s website.

I was reading Jamie’s blog before I left Maine and saw that he was going to be here in Atlanta for the race. I promptly contacted him to see if I could get him to sign my copy of his book as I would have it with me on the trip. He said yes!

I took the book to Road Atlanta hoping to track him down on the first day. I was lucky enough to find him soon after our arrival.

If all racers and cyclists are like Jamie then they are the nicest group of people you’d ever meet. He didn’t give me the brush off at all, seemed happy to sign the book for me and we chatted for a while about biking. Of course I couldn’t resist the urge to ask him about his prediction for the day, which was High Road. Sorry Jamie! (Slipstream took the stage.)


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