Day 2: Stage 4, Road Atlanta

I knew the track at Road Atlanta had a climb based on the youtube video of Jittery Joe’s practice on the course. However, the video didn’t show the extent of the grade. Now, I’m not one that can look at a hill and estimate the gradient. I can tell you it was steep. I can also tell you that there was no running start. You hit a slight climb and then a short flat and then you hit the climb.

I expected more spectators at the track. But we are on vacation. Many people I’m sure were at work. It did seem to fill in a bit more right before the start, or just after the start. Perhaps people just worked ½ day and then came to the race later.

We sat up on the hill where the nasty climb was. It was a good spot for taking pictures though I wasn’t close enough to really capture their faces.

Our friend decided to walk further up the track and found places where there were less spectators next to the S-turns so we moved to that location. I wish we had walked the track earlier so we could have a better sense of where we wanted to be for pictures and I think we’ll do that for the circuit race Sunday. At any rate, I was sitting on a corner where the riders leaned in for the turn, right in front of me and got these incredible shots.

Some of my photos above are just as good as this professional photo you’ll find on CyclingNews.

We didn’t stay for the podium festivities. We had to scoot out as we were in need of showers prior to the Braves’ game that evening. We’ll be around for the podium presentations at Dahlonega so I’ll see one then.

The Braves’ game was terrific. They beat the Marlins 6-4. It was Chipper Jones’ birthday, too. He is one of my husband’s favorite players and a really respectable guy. Perhaps that made it even more special.

Turner Field was incredible, and is probably one of the most hi-tech fields because it was recently built. I’ve never been to a major league baseball game before so I had nothing to compare it to. We will be going to a Red Sox game in July with my coworkers on an employee outing. Fenway is an older stadium and is special in its own right. However, I will be comparing it to Turner Field with it’s huge jumbo-trawn and LED banners all around the seating areas.


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