It’s Good to be Back on the Bike

Last night was my first night back on the bike in almost three weeks! Man, it felt SO good!

I would wager to say we had thirty riders on our Thursday night ride. We have people from all the bike clubs and race teams in the area join this one. It’s a great showing and a great mix of riders. We had a dozen of us B-riders that regrouped and continued on after the A-group left for a nice 30 mile ride. It was chilly but manageable. (I do need to take more water on these rides. Two 16-ounce bottles doesn’t seem to be enough.)

I have received a lot of interest for the women’s ride that I’m starting Tuesday. I’ve fielded phone calls and emails from women eager to ride. I’m so thrilled. I’ll be excited to see how many turn out for the first ride.

The LL Bean Time Trial is Sunday so I need to ride easy Saturday. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to ride with the group Saturday morning or just ride alone and take it easy, even though I can ride easy with the group. I just can’t wipe myself out before the early start Sunday.

The tentative start list has been posted. I go 6th, which probably means I was the 6th person to register. I’m not upset with the early start. That means I’ll start the course prior to 7:45 am, provided they start on time, and I’m hoping to be done by 9:15. That also means that I’ll be home rather early. The downside is that I need to be there around 6am to register. A very early Sunday morning indeed! So much for sleeping in on the weekend.


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