Tour de Georgia Musings

We are still digesting our visit to the Tour de Georgia. I keep thinking about little things we did and saw.

For instance, I saw this guy’s T-shirt and many I loved it! At the podium ceremony at Dahlonega I was close enough to get a picture of the back of it. I need one!


And then there is the Jelly Belly car. They have a great car sponsor. Why doesn’t our Lexus look like this? How can we get ours wrapped? (Though I’m not sure I could really sell my husband on the idea.)



Oh, and I remember reaching the bottom of Brasstown Bald, by foot mind you, knowing my shins were going to be squawking at me for days to come from the gradient of the road, only to see two young women hop out of the Jittery Joe’s team car before the car drove off. They obviously hitched a ride. We looked at each other and just chuckled – ahhh, to be a young woman who could hitch a ride with the young men driving the cars. I’m sure they didn’t use their thumbs to hitch that ride!


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