Rainy Days

It seems like there is a lot of rain in the forecast lately, much of which doesn’t materialize. For example, today the weather forecast called for rain. Some forecasts said “rain likely”. I know that some said this storm was difficult to predict and they were unsure as to how far north it would track. So it went from a rainy day, to showers just along the coast, but then ended up being quite sunny.

I’m not complaining one iota! I met my friend Tracey at 8am because it wasn’t raining and we thought we’d head inland where there might be the chance of sun. The sun actually did make an appearance and it was even very sunny when we arrived back home, and has remained sunny all afternoon.

Our goal was to pack in some miles in preparation for the 85-mile ride on Memorial Day through the White Mountains of NH with our club, in addition to training for the Trek. (Though I’m not sure how much “training” really needs to be done. It’s only 60-miles a day and we are in much better shape than at least 50% of the riders that participate. Not to mention you can pretty much take all day to do the ride and there are usually rest stops about every 15 miles.)

As it turns out we only managed about 40 miles. I received a call from my sister who was on a plane and due to land in Portland around noon. I asked her to stop by on her way to my Mother’s house. (She’s here from SLC, Utah for an extended visit with her one-year-old son.) So with the knowledge of her visit I needed to cut the ride a bit short.

It was still a good ride. It reminded me a bit of our summer riding, though we were dressed a bit more due to the cloudy skies and stiff breeze. This was my kind of rainy day!


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