An Interesting Observation

Have you ever noticed that you might not see a particular car on the road until you have that car yourself? And then it seems you see that car all the time and it seems pretty popular.

That’s what it was like on our journey to visit my mother today. I was reading in the car when my husband drew my attention to a group of about 6 to 8 cyclists pedaling on the side of the road. Further up the road we saw a couple more cyclists out on a ride. Then on the way home we saw a group of three. We saw them all along Route 27 between Augusta and New Sharon.

Now, I’ve been traveling this section of road for years to go visit my mother. I’ve never seen many cyclists on that road, if any. My guess is that some of them were trying to get in some miles in preparation for the Trek. Still it was interesting, and good, to see.

Eventually I want to ride that route myself – Route 27 from Augusta to Farmington and pick up Route 4 into Phillips. It will be only a 50 mile ride and most of it has a nice wide shoulder and good roads. One day!


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