Bicycle Musings

A Picture in My Head

Last night was a perfect day for the women’s ride. The temperature was around 70 degrees and the sun felt wonderful. On the way home, as we rode across the Falmouth Bridge, me in the back, the sun low in the sky, it’s reflection on the water and illuminating the brightly colored jerseys in front of me was a sight to behold. I wish I had taken a picture. It was the way a ride should end, on a very serene note.


I have noticed that I don’t see many women commuting by bike on my travels to/from work. However, today I did see one. Though I can’t be sure she was commuting – she had a small back pack on but the might have just been out on a ride.

When you take the same route everyday, at approximately the same time, you tend to see the same people. There is one guy that I’ve seen a couple times this week. He doesn’t look to be commuting and my guess is that he’s just out riding early in the morning. There are other guys I see but this particular guy I recognize daily, he’s older and has gray facial hair.

There is also a guy that I see walking in the morning too. This morning his wife was out walking with him. To everyone I see, I always wave, say good morning, or both.

I also see the owner of European Bakery. I know it’s him/her by the license plate E Bakery, which I’ve recognized from the parking lot of European Bakery. (On a side note, European Bakery makes the best cakes in the Greater Portland area. They are outstanding! We are ordering one for our daughter’s graduation and that’s where our wedding cakes came from.)

I’ve shaved a bit of time off my morning commute these past couple days. Taking the Ibex helped, though I should be riding a bit more easy on my way in and home to avoid that Zone 3 Syndrome. Sometimes it just feels good to go harder. I also don’t use the panniers on the Ibex – I use a messenger bag. Tomorrow I’ll take the Scattantee and ride go easier.


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