Sounds of the Bike

I rode by a walker this morning and as I did I shifted as I approached a red light. The walker said that my bike sounded great shifting. That got me thinking about sounds from the bike.

I become like the Pavlovian dogs when I hear pedals clicking in. What is it about that sound? I remember being at a light a couple years ago and was thinking I was too tired to ride that night. Then I heard a cyclist clip in when the light turned green. Hearing that sound make me wanna ride so I went home and did just that.

Bikes also make a certain whirring sound when you are riding in a group. I can’t describe it, but if you do any sizable group rides you know exactly what I mean.

Then, yes, there is the sound of shifting. It’s one of those things that you tune into and when you are riding behind a rider and they shift, up or down, you usually follow their lead and do the same. Not always, but often. Or at least I do.

Of course if you are really talented you could put all these sounds together, with a little background beat, and come up with a cool video like Rock Racing’s video.


One response to “Sounds of the Bike

  1. Pavlovian dogs – yes! The sounds are an important ingredient in the intoxicating brew of cycling. Your post made me want to go out right now.

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