Girls & Gears

Thursday night I went to a great event called Girls & Gears at Gorham Bike and Ski. When I arrive, by bike of course, the parking lot was full and there were many women in attendance.

I saw a few people I knew, but didn’t know they were going to be there, in addition to meeting some people that I’ve only emailed but hadn’t actually met, like Chess, a trainer and incredible athlete, that has been sending women my way for the women’s ride. I also met up with Tracey and Julie, once they arrived. Futhermore, I was able to hand out some business cards in an effort to promote the Women’s Ride.

In addition to free food, provided by Saco Island Deli, there was a wine tasting by the Old Port Wine Merchant, free massages, body scanning, test rides, and bike repair/maintenance clinics. They also had Karen Bliss, a representative from Fuji bikes and who used to race bikes, talk to women about women specific designed bikes/products.

At one point I was talking to Julie when I stopped because something had attracted my attention. For a split second I didn’t know what to think because my spare/commuter bike was coming through the door. I told the woman that was pushing it that I had never seen anyone else with my bike. It’s the exact same make/model as my bike. Even the rack looked like mine, except I have the drops on the sides for pannier bags, and I don’t have aero bars on mine. (A rear rack and aero bars are somewhat contradictory, don’t you think?)

I think the best part of the evening was listening to Karen Bliss, Marketing Director for Fuji bikes, talk about women’s specific designed bikes. It was worth shooting the video of her talking to the group:

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the event. They drew in a big crowd and I really hope it becomes bigger and better every year. With the increase in women in cycling and triathlons I can’t see that it wouldn’t.


2 responses to “Girls & Gears

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  2. What a great idea for an event! It looks like it was very popular too. I think more and more shops are going to start activly marketing to women in the near future. It’s great if they can do it in a way that provides a real service like this.

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