Sunday Morning Ride

Today was a great ride with the girls, Tracey and Julie. We left at 7am. Well, we gathered at 7am. I don’t live far from the meeting place and since we were close, one last rest stop was in order before hitting the road.

As we left, Tracey realized she had a flat. Better in the drive then out on the road. So that delayed our start by about 30 minutes.

It actually worked out well because that gave the sky a chance to clear a bit more and for it to warm up. By the time we hit the first climb it was time to shed the arm warmers. I was kicking myself for wearing tights instead of shorts with leg warmers. This time of year it’s so hard to predict.

The one thing that always bugs me riding is my nose and how stuffed up it gets. I know the “thing” to do is to blow “snot rockets“. But the learning curve isn’t the best on it so I’ve never done one. I usually carry tissues with me, when I remember, but that’s such a pain because they become damp from being in my sweaty back pocket.

So at a stop today I tried blowing one. To my surprise, I did really well! Now, the trick is to do it well on the bike, and in the back of the pack so you don’t spray others. (I know, really gross!) So I practiced a bit today on the bike, when it was appropriate to do so. I think I’ve got the hang of it and think I can successfully do this going forward. Now I’ll really be one of the guys. Hey, it beats the alternative!

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