The Habit of Commuting by Bike

Now that I’m commuting more by bike, it’s becoming second nature to do so.

Prior to Commute Another Way Week (May 12-16), I was commuting 2-3 days to work via bike, taking the car because it was easier, but not necessarily more enjoyable. During CAWW I did it every day. So this week, it was really second nature to get up a bit early and ride to work. It’s almost become a habit or routine. It’s also been nice weather so commuting is appealing. Even with temps just below 50 it’s quite comfortable in the morning to wear just enough to have you covered to be warm. Even at 7am that sun is working well to warm the air, and me.

Today I had to bring some items into work other than just clothes. So I brought the Scattantee with the panniers. I had more weight in the panniers than I normally have and surprisingly it didn’t feel any worse than other days. I also bought a handlebar bag to carry a few items, in addition to my seat bag from the other bike, which contains my spare tube, tire irons, and a couple allen wrenches.

Knowing I can commute to work with a little more weight in tow is comforting for the time when we start running errands by bike. (It’s coming!)

However, the commute home was a different story. It was extremely windy. So much so that all my friends were emailing and calling to see if anyone was really going to ride in the wind. So we all came to the same conclusion: bow out of the group ride tonight. On the commute home I managed a whopping 13mph average. Well off my 14.5 -16 mph average I normally have.

It’s supposed to be another windy day tomorrow so I’m not sure if anyone will show for the women’s ride. But I’ll still commute by bike. There are showers predicted for later in the week that might prevent me from riding to work so I’m going to take advantage of every good day that’s given to me, windy or not.

3 responses to “The Habit of Commuting by Bike

  1. How far is it to work? I’d love to be able to do this but I can’t pick up my toddler from daycare on the way home wiht my bike 😦 lol….although he’d probably love it…I really wish work was closer for me so I could participate in this practice. Not to mention the gas it would save!

  2. My commute is not very far – only 8 miles on average. I know a couple who takes their son to preschool on a tagalong and he loves it. One day perhaps you can do this with your toddler!

    Gas prices are one of the reasons why I’m commuting more by bike. The more I bike, the more I save, and the more fit I become. Win, win, win!

  3. Sweet William

    My Toddler loves the tag-along, but it does catch the wind a bit. OK with a tailwind, but not so much fun with a headwind. The kiddy seats are better for wind and more traffic friendly. Although not so good at carrying the grocerys plus a friend!

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