Long Weekends

Long weekends are good for getting caught up on various chores and items that don’t get as much attention during the week.

It also affords a long ride. As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a long (85-mile) ride Monday in the White Mountains of NH. So I had an easy ride today and will take off tomorrow in preparation for the ride.

Even though today’s ride wasn’t that hard, I felt a little wiped out after. In previous weekends I’ve wanted desperately to take a nap but was too busy to do so. Today, I allowed myself the nap. Then, in an effort to get caught up on some blog reading I came across a posting on Belgium Knee Warmers about napping. It definitely took the guilt out of my nap. I’m also one of the fortunately ones that has a grown/gone child so my time is pretty much my own and my husband is pretty supportive when I tell him I need a nap. It wasn’t the “fall on the sofa” kind of nap that normally happens, but instead the “crawl into bed and sleep for 1 1/2-hours” nap.

Belgium Knee Warmers also had a great posting on Neuvation R28 Aero4 Wheels. I have the Aero2s on my commuter bike and the Aero3s on the Ibex. I love these wheels. When I originally had them put on my previous (now commuter) bike I noticed a huge difference. They certainly aren’t as sexy as some of the Zipp or Mavic wheel sets but I enjoy riding on them very much.

In an effort to get caught up on my blog reading, including BKW, there’s some blogs that deal with some rough subjects – Fat Cyclists‘ wife’s battle with cancer and Masi Guy’s recovery from a pretty bad cycling accident. These guys have a fair bit of distraction in their lives and they just keep the postings on their respective blogs coming. Thanks to both of them!! Many of us read your blogs and even though many of us don’t post comments, we still think about you and what you are going through every day.

Tomorrow is a day of catching up on some housework. I’m looking forward to sleeping in and getting my house in order. Sometimes will all the cycling things get neglected. A long weekend is a good time to get caught up on those items.

One response to “Long Weekends

  1. 85 miles? Hardcore Dana! Geez….and I was psyched to do 37 today. I’m no where near the shape you’re in to be doing 85 (especially doing those climbs in the White Mts!). Take pictures!

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