Catching Up and Ranting

It’s time to catch up and put some things down on the blog that have been running through my head….

This time of year is heavenly for biking. The air is so heavily scented with the fragrance of lilacs. It’s great to be out riding down the road and hit an area thick with the incredible scent.

What’s up with so much wind? The morning commutes seem okay but the afternoon commutes are brutal with the wind!

Don’t you expect cyclists who drive cars to be somewhat courteous and understanding? But some of them just amaze me. For example, on the Tuesday night women’s ride we were honked at by a motorist behind us after going through a light. So we scrambled to all pull in for the motorist to pass. She then zoomed up and slowed down right beside us as we cycled through. She needed to turn…. right where we were. Why didn’t she just give us a few minutes to all pass through where she wanted to turn without honking, speeding up, only to stop before turning? (At least she didn’t try to turn right in front of us.) What really kills me is that she had a bike mounted on the back of her car. Perhaps it’s just for show.

On my commute I usually see some students waiting with their parents for the school bus. Now, these aren’t young students. They are in high school. Often times I arrive in the area right after the bus has picked up the students and the parents are departing to go back to their homes via cars. They don’t seem to be driving far. Why don’t they walk there with these kids? Why start up the car to drive such a short distance? It’s not like the weather has been bad and they have to sit in the car for warmth. Better yet, let the kids wait for the bus on their own. It’s not like it’s not a safe area. I just don’t get people sometimes. The high prices of gas, let’s drive kids perfectly capable of walking to the bus stop, in their big SUVs. I bet many of them even leave the darn things running.

Which reminds me of another interesting observation, though it wasn’t made on the bike. I was waiting in the bank drive through line with my car off. As I sat there I noticed all the bumper stickers on the car in front of me. I made the assumption she was quite liberal from the stickers and also noted an Al Gore sticker and I have no doubt it was in support of his claims about global warming. And here’s where the irony comes in – as she sat waiting for her transaction to be complete she let her car idle. Hmmmmm. After I pulled through and exited the area I noticed the same woman further along. She had obviously pulled up and stopped for some reason. And in the time it took for me to finish and go through, she was still sitting with her car idling. I have no problem with bumper stickers proclaiming to the world your beliefs, but listen up people…… YOU GOTTA BACK THEM UP WITH YOUR ACTIONS TOO!!

The next two Thursday night rides I’m gonna have to miss. Big bummer. But my daughter is graduating high school on the 5th and the 12th I’ll be traveling to Sunday River the night before the Trek begins. It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

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