Growing Stronger

I rode to Freeport today (15 miles) to volunteer at the Women’s Heart Health Ride, sponsored by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. Last year I rode it and this year I wanted to participate but in a different capacity, so I volunteered.

I couldn’t see driving to the event since it was only 15 miles and needed to get my workout in somehow.

So I met my friend at 6:15 and we rode together to the event. (He was also volunteering.)

I bet they had 350 women on this ride. A really good turnout and even though we were soaked when we arrived because of the heavy fog early in the morning, it all burned off for the event and turned out to be a very nice sunny day with temps in the 70’s.

Then I rode home, alone. My friend wanted a long ride so he headed north into Brunswick. I headed south to hook up with my husband so we could go to the Old Port Festival together.

I felt pretty good on the ride home so I started riding pretty hard. When I realized I was on track for a good average mile per hour for a solo ride, I decided to ride a bit faster to see how high I could get it. I was happy when I hit an average of 18.1mph and figured that where I was on the route it would only decrease with a few climbs ahead. They weren’t huge climbs, but enough to zap your average a bit. So I hit my lap button so I could record that high average, then figure out what my actual average for the ride was.

As it turned out my average mph was still climbing. It felt good to blow past a few other riders, dressed in my club kit, I wondered if they wondered “who the heck the crazy chick was”. I finished the ride with an 18.3mph average. That’s the highest average I’ve ever had on a solo ride since the time trial I did last year in Kennebunk in August. At that event it was a 19.8mph average, on a flat course with no lights and traffic to slow me down. Not to mention that was much later in the season.

Hopefully this is an indication that I’m on track to be stronger and faster this year!


2 responses to “Growing Stronger

  1. Oh, I would say that is a good indication! You just keep getting stronger. EPO? Steroids? Oxygen chamber? What is your secret? Please share! šŸ™‚ Endorphins and hard work, perhaps?


  2. Perhaps it had more to do with the Soy Capp at Starbucks earlier in the morning. Like Bob Roll once said, “Not only is caffeine an allowed substance, it’s also required.” (I’m paraphrasing of course.)

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