My [Husband’s] New Ride

My husband bought a sweet new bike over the weekend – the Scott Speedster S30.

It was a beautiful bike in the shop. I tried it out in the parking lot of the shop, as did he, but you really can’t tell a bike from a toll around ride. (We ride essentially the same size so trying each other’s bike isn’t a stretch, pun intended.) After I arrived back home from a ride yesterday I decided to take it out around the neighborhood. Again, still can’t really tell how the bike reacts in that type of situation. The thing I did notice when I just road around the block is that the 105 drive train seemed a bit more clunky then my Ultegra drive train.

My husband encouraged me to ride it on the group ride tonight. I was skeptical. For starters, I really hate trying out a new bike in those hammer type conditions. Secondly, I really like the Ibex and didn’t want the new bike to hold me back. I hadn’t ridden it enough to know how it might perform.

So when I arrived home I had decided to take the Speedster on the group ride. When I showed up everyone wanted to know if I had a new bike. I proclaimed it was my husbands and he asked me to break it in for him. (Of course, now that he has the bike some of the riders might expect him to show up on the group rides!)

I got used to the 105 shifting pretty quickly. I think running it through it’s paces helped to loosen up the cables a bit so it wasn’t so stiff. It rode very nicely over the bumps and was pretty responsive to any sort of movement. (Sometimes a responsive bike can feel a little twitchy, and this one did.) It took me a few miles to get used to the feel. I even thought at one point it might be “too much bike”. HA! Is there such a thing??

It didn’t take me long to enjoy the ride on the bike. I kept thinking what I would say to my husband upon my return, “You won’t like it….. it’s too fast” or “You don’t really want this bike… you should give it to me!”

You hear a lot of things in the bike industry, little buzz phrases like “power transfer” and “acceleration”. Well, I sort of know what those things mean but I couldn’t tell you if a bike possesses these qualities, until now. When I was in the market for a bike in the summer of 2006 I tried out a range of bikes. Some were very responsive. I can’t tell you if this one is more so than some of those I tried, but what I can tell you is that when I came out of the saddle in an incline, the bike just took off, effortlessly! In fact, there were people in my way and I was unable to move past them, even though that’s what my bike wanted to do. (Did you catch that Freudian slip? “My” bike?? Sorry Honey! It really is your bike.)

Now, this bike is not the lightest bike made. There are some that obsess over weight. And yes, I can get a little that way myself. But it is very well constructed and performs very well, especially for the price. I’m impressed. But you don’t have to take my word for it – this is what the folks at Bicycling magazine had to say about it. Or you can watch the video here. (Keep in mind they reviewed the next model up, the S20, which have subtle improvements in components.)

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