The Power of the Peloton

You’ve heard it before. Sometimes I under estimate the power of the peloton. Just like many trapped in water under estimate the powerful force of water.

I completely under estimated the draft going up the climbs tonight. Yes, there is a draft on a hill behind a rider but I often wonder how effective it really is. Well, tonight I found out first hand.

It helped that it was such a large group. I was nestled in the front third or middle of the pack when the first real climb (mind you it was just a hill) was in front of us. I can climb tempo up this hill and do okay by myself, usually around 11-12 mph, which I always find pretty good. When I looked at my bike computer tonight we were doing around 18.5 to 19mph. Amazing! And it felt so great, but I knew it wasn’t me, it was the power of the peloton.

The weather brought the riders out in force tonight. Many had yet to make it to a Monday night ride and this was their first of the season. I hope the ride continues to grow in numbers. The larger the crowd, the easier it is to hold on. And it’s my favorite ride of the week!


One response to “The Power of the Peloton

  1. what were you guys avg speeeds for each of the three days

    i joined up w a few trains not yours… i was on mt bike and did 18.1 (day 1) 18.2 (2) and 16.8 (sun)

    not great but not bad

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