Test Driving Ferrari’s

I must apologize to my readers for the lack of posts recently. As you read in my Trek recap post I came down ill. I’ve been suffering from allergies pretty severely this season and I think it has turn into something a bit more. But enough of my complaining!

Even though I’m not up to riding again, due to allergies – not from the Trek, I’m excited about, as my husband puts it, “test driving Ferrari’s” tonight. There is a LBS that is hosting a Cervelo event where you could request to test ride any of their models in your preferred size. So I’m testing the Soloist Team, but not the STC (C=carbon), because I know it’s way out of my price range, or at least what I can justify spending on a bike. I’m also test riding the RS, which would be a stretch for my wallet, but what the heck.

My fear is that I’m going to really like these bikes. I’ve always looked at them as the cream of the crop and they are my ultimate dream for a bike. I know once I try one I’m going to want one in a really big way. It’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

I saw a couple people at the Trek on Cervelos, the STC in fact. I also knew them so I went up to them and talked to them about their bikes and how they like them. (They weren’t riding them last year so I had to ask if it was a recent purchase for them – it was.) Linda mentioned that it was the best bike she’s ever ridden. This woman rides a lot of TT and I value her opinion in regards to a bike review. So if she thinks the bike is awesome, it must be. After all, it’s a Cervelo!

I’ll need to remember to have my husband take the camera in order to post some pictures. It will probably be the only time I’m on a bike of its caliber. Now let’s just hope the rain holds off long enough for me to ride them on dry road.


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