Jose Gonzalez at The Stone Church

Imagine that, another posting that doesn’t involve cycling….

Monday evening we drove to New Market, NH to see Jose Gonzalez at The Stone Church. I was rather excited about this place. The menu looked decent and we were going to see Jose. The place was busy when we arrived at 6:30 and only continued to fill in as the night went on. We sat at a table on the side with a good view of the stage.

The service was extremely slow. They only had two waitresses and could have had at least three. We waited a long time for drinks and food. I ordered the steak salad but it was missing the Gorgonzola cheese. When she finally came back I explained what I was missing and I would wager it was 15 minutes before she finally came back to explain they were out. Why didn’t she say that when it arrived? Did she think I wouldn’t notice?

When the warm up band started a group of people stood directly in front of us with no regard to who’s view they were blocking. Lovely. I was not impressed. They thinned out a bit before the main act but then came right back. How irritating. I had to stand on the rungs of a high bar stool to see anything. This was my view for most of the evening:

Don’t worry if you can’t see anything in the photo above, neither could I. But for good measure, this one shows you my lack of view much better with the use of my flash: (That guy was tall and he would invariably move into my line of vision. Grrrr.

Aside from the mediocre food, with high prices, and the blocked view, the music was amazing. The warm up group was Twi the Humble Feather. These guys don’t use words in their music, just making music with their voices in addition to their guitars.

Then it time for Jose Gonzalez. I managed to get a couple pictures over the heads of the rude people in front of me:

I’m not sure when I went to a concert when and the artist sounded just like his/her/their recordings. And no, he wasn’t lip syncing. He was just amazing. I would go see him again anywhere, just not at the Stone Church.

I found myself listening to the two albums that have of Jose’s all day. It was great to relive the music. He’s terrific in concert and I highly recommend seeing him if that’s your kind of genre.


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